About The Course



I. The Science of Behavior

How can we better understand why we do the things we do, and through that, change behavior for the better? We will kick off by diving into the science of behavior and learn how it can help us in the fight against climate change. Our emphasis is on application, so we’ll focus this module around a set of practical principles of changing behavior.

II. Applications of Behavior Change

In this workshop, we will begin to apply our behavior change principles to real products. We will examine the user journey of some prominent products and evaluate their effectiveness in affecting behavior. Using this understanding, we will scrutinize the user experience of our own products.

III. Tools for Behavior Change

This workshop will introduce a selection of behavioral tools - proven approaches, distilled from the science, that can be used to either make it easier for people to do the right thing, or add pressure to do so. Working with real-world product examples, participants will learn and reflect on how to implement tools most conducive to their company's behavior change goals.

IV. Applications of Insight-Driven Development

Finally, we share how to select and implement the right behavioral intervention for your product based on key research insights. Then, we’ll practice connecting the dots between insight and intervention by workshopping our own products.

V. Capstone Presentation

The final session of the course will be a presentation session of your product, its features, and its capacity to spur behavior change. You'll be presenting to a panel of venture capitalists interested in climate and sustainability startups.



The course is designed to be your behavior change "need to know" in just a few hours, spread over four weeks. There will be four live sessions with the cohort, plus up to an hour of curated content for each to consume in your own time.

Live Sessions

Our first session, an introduction to the science of changing behavior, will be 1.5 hours. Following sessions will be 1 hour. These interactive sessions with the full cohort will be led by Natalie Rothfels and facilitators from Behaviour Change and will give you a rapid immersion into the theory and practice of changing behavior. All sessions will be delivered remotely and scheduled to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

Capstone VC Presentation

The cohort will have the option to present their product and its capabilities to a panel of venture capitalists. The panel will be tailored to the sectors and geographies of participants from the course.

Content Drops

As well as access to expanded content from the live sessions, you will be given a curated selection of additional resources, ranging from condensed reads to articles to video clips to podcasts, or even a movie recommendation. Content will be dropped after the live sessions.


We are especially excited about the community that will naturally form here, between the participants, Amasia and Behaviour Change team members, and others we might invite into our shared Slack workspace (founders, scientists, and practitioners). We anticipate that community will exist and thrive well beyond the temporal confines of the course itself—and will include future cohorts.



Module I
October 25, 2022

9AM-10:30AM PST

Module II
November 1, 2022


Module III
November 8, 2022


Module IV
November 15, 2022


VC Presentation
November 18, 2022