About The Course

About The Course


I. Why humans behave the way they do

How can we better understand why we do the things we do and through that change behavior for the better? In this module, we will learn how some broad behavior change principles can apply to your business and how this approach can help us in the fight to tackle climate change.

II. Research methods to gain new insight into the behavior of your audience

In this module, we will learn about the research techniques that can help you get under the skin of how people are currently behaving and the barriers to change. Making assumptions about future behavior, or taking what people say the do as given, can lead us to the wrong solutions. We'll also get to grips with behavioral models, which can help unlock our opportunities for intervention.

III. Exploring powerful tools for changing behavior

This module will cover a selection of the most useful behavioral tools that can be used to either make it easier for people to do the right thing, or add pressure to do so. With specific attention to online behavior, participants will learn how to implement tools most conducive to their company's goals.

IV. Putting behavior change into practice

Finally, we will draw everything together to look at the application, implementation and evaluation of behavioral interventions in more detail. We'll also pull back to explore some broader questions about the ethics of behavior change and its role in the system change we need to tackle climate change.


The course is designed to be your behavior change "need to know" in eight hours, spread over four weeks. That consists of four one-hour live sessions with the cohort, plus up to an hour of curated content to consume in your own time.

Live Sessions

For each module, there will be a one-hour live session on Tuesdays at 8AM PST. These interactive sessions with the full cohort will be led by facilitators from Behaviour Change and will give you a rapid immersion into the theory and practice of changing behavior.

Content Drops

As well as access to expanded content from the live sessions, you will be given a curated selection of additional resources to bring to life the key takeaways, ranging from condensed reads to articles to video clips to podcasts, or even a movie recommendation. Content will be dropped after the live sessions.


Participants will have access to a curated library of resources to support further learning after the course has concluded.


We are especially excited about the community that will naturally form here, between the participants, Amasia and Behaviour Change team members, and others we might invite into our shared Slack workspace (founders, scientists, and practitioners). We anticipate that community will exist and thrive well beyond the temporal confines of the course itself—and will include future cohorts.


Module 1: Tuesday, November 16, 8AM - 9AM Pacific Time

Module 2: Tuesday, November 23, 8AM - 9AM Pacific Time

Module 3: Tuesday, November 30, 8AM - 9AM Pacific Time

Module 4: Tuesday, December 7, 8AM - 9AM Pacific Time